Brad Nye

Principal, Unison Entertainment Group, L.L.C.

Creating musical media content for over 30 years as a producer, arranger, composer, singer, as well as in artist development and management, has given Brad extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry.

Brad’s roots in music led him to study at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA. He then worked as an assistant tour manager for both Van Halen and Hall & Oates.

Developing himself as an artist began with Brad as lead vocalist, percussionist and co-writer of the immensely popular Dick Holliday and The Bamboo Gang. Nationwide, sponsored tours created a fan base throughout the country where he and the band remain in demand. At the same time he co-wrote, produced and provided lead vocals for a McDonald’s “Super Size Me” national radio spot, a Brown’s Chicken jingle for a national television spot, the WGN Bears Extra television theme song, and for an Adrenaline TV theme song, a web-based sports reality program based in Los Angeles, CA. He continues to broaden his genre into country with another group he founded, The Western Philosophers.

His artist development is focused on Ross Clayton out of Oklahoma City, an up and coming country star and has also featured the development of Brede Baldwin and Hannah Eve.

Brad co-wrote a feature-length screenplay, Cheyenne, The Movie which is in development. He co-wrote, performed and produced the soundtrack as well. His music catalogue has grown to over 400 songs and he continues to create and customize music for his clients.